Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Better Treatment Option Recently FDA Approved For Basal Cell Carcinoma

Basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer and usually found on the upper body.  As this cancer advances it can become disfiguring and fatal.

After a few years of testing and clinical trials the FDA has approved a new drug called Erivedge.

Testing found that the drug, Erivedge, shrank tumors in 30 percent of patients whose disease had metastasized and spread in the body. Also, 43 percent of patients in which the disease had spread to surrounding tissue had a complete or partial response.
Erivedge, a pill taken once a day, works by blocking the signals in the cellular pathway that leads to cancer growth.
Scottsdale Healthcare and TGen began working on Phase 1 of the drug's clinical trial in 2007, through a partnership the entities have maintained for seven years.
It is amazing how those in cancer research are committed to improving the lives of cancer patients!

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