Monday, January 30, 2012

Living With Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

Having worked with cancer patients I know the stages of grief that patients go through when hearing the diagnosis.  There is unbelief, sadness, anger and sometimes rebellion in compliance with treatment.  I am talking specifically now about CML patients.  There is a great amount of hope for these patients now. Right now CML patients are required to take their Gleevac every day for a  long life span.  This may one day change because researchers are having many breakthroughs with molecular studies. 
A great website for support and education is "The National CML Society".  This site is full of information and direct help for your needs.  Below is a video of testimonials of CML patients.

The hope for CML is great for there are great doctors who are adamant about continued clinical trials and research to continue to find a cure.  You can help yourself and others by volunteering to participate in clinical trials and lab testing.  Listen to the following video of one the most prominent hematology oncologists in America today.

                                                          Dr. Jorge Cortes

Be active in your treatment!  Research and join online support groups.  There is always hope!

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