Monday, March 19, 2012

New Testing Kits For Lung Cancer

Diagnostic Biosystems (DBS), a specialty Immunohistochemistry company, announces its debut as an automated IHC company, introducing the Mosaic 360™ System with a product offering of novel Multiplex Immunohistochemistry kits and a complementary line of optimized IHC reagents.
Built on a history of developing distinctive chromogens to differentiate morphology on a single slide, Diagnostic BioSystems introduces a portfolio of five Mosaic Multiplex™ Lung Cancer Kits for use in tissue analysis of suspected Lung Cancer patients. Pathologists are challenged with scarce tissue availability in patients with cancer. DBS is addressing the tissue challenge with the Mosaic Multiplex ™ kits enabling testing of multiple analytes on one slide with a complete kit optimized for the DBS Mosaic 360™ System automated platform for lab to lab standardized results. 

The Mosaic System™ also includes a new line of “plug and play” reagents optimized on the Mosaic 360™ platform to provide convenience for the Histology Technologist in the Pathology laboratory.
“Diagnostic Biosystems is focused on developing clinically relevant tools for pathologists. We believe it is important to provide the most information with the limited tissue available in cancer patients today. Our standardized Mosaic Multiplex™ lung cancer kits” are focused on solving this problem,” said Dr. Bipin Gupta, PhD, President & CEO of Diagnostic BioSystems. 

During the USCAP, Diagnostic BioSystems will sponsor a Pathologist Roundtable event on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 in Vancouver BC to discuss advances in the use of Multiplex Kits in the analysis of suspected cancers. Two industry experts, Dr. Omar Hameed from Vanderbilt and Dr. Arundhati Rao from Scott & White Healthcare System, will join Marc Key Ph.D., DBS Scientific Advisor, in leading these discussions.

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