Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Colon Cancer Stage 2 Testing News

About the Oncotype DX Colon Cancer Assay and Stage II Colon Cancer

The Oncotype DX colon cancer assay is a colon cancer test that provides an individual, numerical assessment of how likely colon cancer is to return in patients with stage II colon cancer following surgery to remove the tumor. The multigene expression assay examines the activity of specific genes within a patient´s tumor sample in order to provide individualized information to each person and their physician about the specific biological make-up of their colon cancer.
The Oncotype DX assay is appropriate for people who are newly diagnosed with stage II colon cancer and is performed on tumor tissue removed during the original surgery. Because of this, the Oncotype DX assay does not require any additional surgery or procedures in order for a patient to get the test.
For detailed information about the Oncotype DX, please call: (866) ONCOTYPE or visit

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